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Dune Drifter free download movie After a devastating orbital spatial battle, the driver of a starry star must navigate through the hard environment of a desolate planet to save herself before his life expires. Soon he realizes that she is not alone.

Phoebe Sparrow, Daisy Aitkens and Simon Dwyer Star in Dune Drifter, which has the following synopsis:

During an ongoing battle for humanity, a group of rookie spatial fighters is sent to join the battle against an unbeatable enemy boat army. When the apprentice pilot and artilleryer are demolished, they manage to crash on a nearby planet. With the mortally wounded gunner and his own life support only established in the last two days, the only option of our pilot is to fix his ship. The sudden appearance of an enemy craftsmanship offers the answer, but as the pilot seeks that the parties use on their own ship, it is horrified by detecting another survivor; An enemy foreign soldier who does not intend to let her escape.

Fighting to survive in an unknown territory can be a discouraging experience for anyone, even for a trained combat pilot. But the process can be even more frightening for a rookie to fight against an enemy alien soldier on a foreign planet only. That is certainly the case of the actress Phoebe Sparrow’s Character of Adler in […]
Post-Phoebe sparrow is defeated against an extraterrestrial predator in Dune Drufter Clip Exclusive Clip and DVD Giveaway first appeared at

We open with a battle. Adler (Phoebe Sparrow) is one of several people who fly small, the spatial ships of two people in what is supposed to be a simple mission, but when they are ambushed by the enemy, chaos occurs. Landing on a nearby planet, Adler manages to establish an emergency survival store and drag her injured colleague, but have limited oxygen supplies and changing military maneuvers can wash them without rescue hope. The only hope comes from an enemy ship that has crashed a few kilometers away. If Adler.

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Dune Drifter
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