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The basic premise of the screenplay, credited to Koji Steven Sakai, pits a broken law enforcement agent against a criminal getting back into risky business. But the bulk of the movie centers on a group of teenagers having a party while their house is stalked by buffoonish criminals waiting for the right time to swoop in. The ensuing chaos has a high body count but a low suspense ratio. You also wonder when the stars of the film are going to re-enter the fray.

In his few scenes, Rourke is engaged and lively as a crusty criminal who hasn’t lost his edge. The movie needed more of him. White doesn’t fare as well as the remorseful DEA agent, because the character’s paralyzing guilt over the accidental shooting seems misplaced and overblown. Yes, the incident would be traumatic for any law officer, but as presented, this baggage feels like a writer’s crutch. Like the rest of “The Commando,” there’s nothing true or resonant about it. IMDB

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